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Big Time Africa Prepaid Phone Card

Big Time Africa prepaid phone card
Rounding : 1 minutes
Access Number : 1-800-398-6096
Customer Service :
Highlighted Information:  
  Local access numbers are available.
  PIN expires 3 months from the first use.
  To place another call, don't hang up. Just press '**' once.


Access Number(s):

Always use local access number for maximum minutes!
Find Local Access Number (s)

Name of the Phone Card:
Select U.S. State, Canadian Province or Country:
Enter U.S. Area Code:
Toll Free Access Number (s)
Location Access Number (s) Language
USA (Continental) 1-800-901-1150 English
USA (Continental) 1-800-398-6096 English
USA (Continental) 1-800-398-6510 Espanol
USA (NY) 1-917-484-5752 English
USA (NY) 1-917-677-0108 English
USA (GA) 1-770-786-8462 English
USA (GA) 1-678-298-1064 English
USA (GA) 1-404-665-2151 English
USA (OK) 1-405-415-0562 English
USA (OK) 1-918-877-0098 English
USA (AR) 1-479-221-9203 English
USA (AR) 1-501-707-0612 English
USA (FL) 1-954-323-0295 English
Alaska 1-877-221-9752 Espanol
Anchorage 1-907-348-4032 English
Hawaii, Puerto Rico 1-907-348-4032 English
US Virgin Islands 1-800-319-6521 English
Canada 1-877-777-1610 English
Canada (Calgary, Alberta) 1-403-770-0477 English
Canada (Toronto, Ontario) 1-647-367-1894 English
Canada (Hamilton, Ontario) 1-905-228-2255 English
Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia) 1-604-256-5247 English
UK 0-800-520-0329 English

Dialing Instructions:  
1. Dial the access number. At the prompt enter PIN.
2. For call to USA or Canada, dial 1+ Area Code + Telephone Number.
3. For international calls, dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number.

Pinless Feature

If your PIN supports Pinless feature -

Register your phone for free pinless dialing, press # 1 after entering the pin number

To recharge your card using a new PIN, press #3 after dialing the access number

To remove pinless, press #2 after dialing the access number

International calls made to cellular phones are billed at higher rates. Minute is published based on using an available local access number. Using toll free number will incur additional up to 2 per minute. Applicable tax and surcharges may apply. Application of surcharges and fees may have the effect of reducing total minutes actually received on the card from the minutes announced. A 79 maintenance fee will apply after the first call and then every week thereafter. PINless calling does not have this charge. A surcharges of 99 will apply to calls made from payphones using toll free access number. Card expires 3 months from the first use. To maximize minutes, use the entire card in a single call with a local access number. Rates are subject to change any time without notice by the service provider. Service is provided by Raza Telecom.
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