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Where else to look for my PIN/PINs?

Callontime Account:

You can view your PIN/PINs from your callontime account. Callontime account information is being provided by Callontime. If you have not got this information from representative, email at and request to email your Callontime account information. This is NOT the PayPal account.

If you have this Callontime Account information, go here - and enter your Callontime User Id and Password that were provided by Callontime Representative and get your PINs online.

** Again, this Callontime account is separate from your PayPal account. Your PayPal password will not work here. Once you receive this information, make sure to save it.

Spam Folder -

If did not receive the PIN, make sure that you check your Junk mail folder. Sometimes, email client such as Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL sends email to the Junk folder instead of "Inbox". If you still do not receive the PIN in anywhere in your email, please email us at and make sure that you include your current phone number, so that we can call and give the PIN over the phone in case you are not getting our replies somehow for any sort of e-mail's problem.

Hotmail or MSN Email:

If you have hotmail account and are not receiving the PIN, please check your Junk-Email folder in your hotmail account to see if the PIN is in there. Sometimes, hotmail sends email in your Junk-Email folder. Here is how you can check it:

(1) Log into your hotmail email account. 
(2) Go to "Mail", you will see "Junk E-mail" at the left hand side under "inbox". Click there.
(3) You should see the PIN. If you do not see it, do the following to get the PIN.

****In order to get our emails or PIN in your "inbox", please do this following:

(1) Log into your hotmail account
(2) Click "Options" from upper right hand-side of your hotmail account.
(3) Click on "Junk E-Mail Protection" and then click "Safe List"
(4) Add and click "Add" button.

Once you have done it, you should get every email from us in your inbox.

Yahoo Email:

In yahoo email, it is called "Bulk". Look for your PIN in you Bulk folder. You will see the bulk folder at the left hand side.

AOL Email:

It is called Spam. Look for your PIN in your Spam folder if you do not see the PIN in your inbox.

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