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My Black 011 Prepaid Phone Card

My Black 011 prepaid phone card
Rounding : 1 Minute
Access Number : 1-800-285-2499 (Toll Free)
Customer Service :
Highlighted Information:  
  Card Expires 3 months from the first use.
  To place consecutive call, don't hang up. Press and hold '#' for 3-5 seconds.


Access Number(s):

Access Location Phone# Language
USA (Any State) 1-877-537-0567 English

Dialing Instructions:  
1. Dial the access number. At the prompt enter PIN.
2. For call to USA or Canada, dial 1+ Area Code + Telephone Number.
3. For international calls, dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number.

By using the card, you agree the following. Rates and fees vary and subject to change without prior notice. Rates are higher to international cellular termination. Domestic rates apply only to calls without contiguous United States. Service is by Locus Communication.
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