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How to get PIN instantly? How to get PIN instantly?

Get your PIN or PINLESS or MOBILE recharge within seconds:

  • FIND the best deal calling card for the country of your preference from the above Drop Down Menu. Then choose the phone card you like most.

  • BUY your preferred phone clicking "buy" button. Once the transaction is done, you will see here to continue" link at the bottom of that page. Click there!

  • GET your pin number and the associate  dial  number from online. They will appear on at the end of your purchase after your returning from PayPal. A copy of this PIN will be delivered to you automatically via email within seconds .  

You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please keep in mind that, if you are a first time buyer, your phone number and other related information needs to be confirmed prior to receiving your PIN number instantly. After you buy at the first time, callontime.com's system will send you an email requesting this information.

After you reply, a customer service representative will contact you as soon as possible. Once your information has been verified, your PIN number will be issued. This process only needs to be performed once. Your second and subsequent PIN purchases will be sent immediately after the request is submitted.

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